25 January 2007

I'm back, one last thing to do, have linked into World eBook Fair & downloaded Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte from Gutenberg project. Found searching 'trickey', eg author searches for Stephen King & Dean Koontz came back with 0 hits, available titles must be selective?? Had no trouble downloading Jane Eyre, connection was quick (I'm at home)! I won't use this site, prefer to read, great for listeners though & vision impaired!
The End!!
Well, I made it!! Interesting exercises, enjoyed some, not others. Found a couple of sites frustrating, more instruction needed, others were great! This was a good introduction to '23 new things' which I know I'll use down the track! I'm up with my kids now, somewhat.....How exciting to learn new stuff!!!
Thank you to Denise & Lynette, what a tonne of work you must have!
Well, I'm off to have a cold one now!!!
Thanks for the opportunity...
Turtlegirl signing off....... for now.....
I've had a wander through Netlibrary, the link to set up an account is still down so I've listened to the tutorial instead, very informative, easy to follow! Disappointed I can't download anything, I'll try again later!

24 January 2007

As Netlibrary is down at the moment, (I will come back to it later) I've backtracked to Library thing (Week 5) as this was down when I tried to access it the first time. I've set up an account & catalogued 5 random books, nice easy site to navigate:

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The Cold Moon (Unabridged) by Jeffrey Deaver
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The Husband by Dean Koontz
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Lovers & Players by Jackie Collins
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Desperation by Stephen King
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Samantha (The Sorority Trilogy) by Tamara Thorne
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I've found an interesting podcast supplied by the Sunnyvale Public Library Service which airs a preschool story time session in action. This is great for parents who can't access the program but can still participate with their child through listening. Podcasts are another form of providing access to services & information! Think of the promotional opportunities. I was impressed!
Sunnyvale Public Library Podcasts (0)
I've uploaded a vid from You tube. I've set up an account. The sites fine with the exception of interruptions, I've viewed 3 & they all have this problem so I'm guessing this is the norm! Connection maybe???
Vid uploaded Jenson Ackles-Smallville

Week 9

I found a vid in You Tube on Jenson Ackles a favourite actor of mine which was why I chose it. I can see You Tube as a great promotional tool for libraries, events, programs etc.